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DECC’s Solar PV review leaves more questions than answers

Solar PV ReviewRenewable Energy industry expert, Gaynor Hartnell who is a Non Executive Director for Livos Energy gives her views of this month’s DECC’s Solar PV review in a guest blog post on Solar Power Portal : PV review leaves more questions than answers

Gaynor Hartnell gives this advice “Right now the solar industry should be studying CfDs very hard, pushing DECC to say sooner rather than later how much capacity will be awarded in the first allocation round and exactly what the rules are. ”

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PV Review leaves more questions than answers

Solar Energy’s falling costs can cut politics from Renewables

Gaynor Hartnell - Livos EnergyHave you considered the implications of the falling costs of Renewable Energy and it’s long term impact?  Gaynor Hartnell, who has worked in the Renewable Energy sector since 1995, and is a Non-Executive Director on the Board of  Livos Energy, shares her views  about how the falling costs of solar power can cut the politics from Renewables in this interesting post.

She looks at the recent “open” disagreement between Cameron and Clegg on onshore wind energy and it’s implication for solar energy.

She says, “Solar’s cost is falling so fast that the conventional energy sector does not realise how inexpensive it has become, policy makers find it a challenge to keep pace with and find the comparison metrics challenging.”

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