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DECC’s Solar PV review leaves more questions than answers

Solar PV ReviewRenewable Energy industry expert, Gaynor Hartnell who is a Non Executive Director for Livos Energy gives her views of this month’s DECC’s Solar PV review in a guest blog post on Solar Power Portal : PV review leaves more questions than answers

Gaynor Hartnell gives this advice “Right now the solar industry should be studying CfDs very hard, pushing DECC to say sooner rather than later how much capacity will be awarded in the first allocation round and exactly what the rules are. ”

Read the full blog post here:

PV Review leaves more questions than answers

Implications for Solar Energy in the Countdown to Contracts for Differences (CfDs)

Gaynor Hartnell - Livos Energy“The sooner Solar Energy no longer needs support, the better!” says Gaynor Hartnell, who has worked in the Renewable Energy sector for nearly twenty years and is a Non-Executive Director for Livos Energy.

The Renewable industry has to deal with the transition from Renewables Obligations (ROCs) introduced in 2002 to Contracts for Difference (CfDs) which take over in 2017. 

Gaynor Hartnell suggests that there are plenty of things to worry about regarding Contracts for Differences (CfDs) but, for solar, having to compete on price is not likely to be one of them. She shares some of these concerns in a guest blog post on Solar Power Portal and asks:

  • Will CfDs be good value for money?
  • Is there enough money in the pot?
  • Are solar park projects going to prove too small for CfDs but too large for FiTs?
  • Can the timetable be met?
  • Who’ll be taking part in the competition?

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Countdown to Contracts for Differences – What’s the outlook for Solar?

To read Livos Energy response to Contracts for Differences (CfDs) click here:

Livos Energy response to DECC consultation

Landowners: How to harvest wind and solar energy for your Farm

renewable-energyIn these times of low interest rates, an attractive and secure additional income can be a boon.

One option for farmers and landowners to consider is to supplement and diversify their income by renting out a portion of their land for use as a solar or wind power farm in return for an income which is long term and secure. Continue reading