Statement from Livos Energy regarding Pasture House Solar Farm

Livos Energy is pleased with the decision taken by Allerdale Borough Council to permit the development of Pasture House solar farm. The development will benefit the local economy by supporting the viability of the existing farm and the land will continue to be available for its current use of grazing, as well as make a contribution towards the UK achieving its renewable energy targets.  The Secretary of State has carefully considered the application, and has determined that he is content for the local planning authority to issue the planning permission.

Allerdale Borough Council has acted positively and proactively in determining the planning application. All relevant planning policies, constraints, stakeholder and community representations were fully considered in the determination process. Livos Energy has positively engaged with the Council.  The development incorporates a number of environmental enhancements, including a biodiversity action plan. The consent has also been granted in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework, which is in favour of sustainable development.

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