We progress wind and solar projects to secure regular income for our landowner partners. Our team of experts takes care of the whole process; from conception to completion.

The Process

The process is simple; the first step is to carry out an initial site assessment to identify if your land is suitable for development. Our selection criteria include:

Land Owners

  • Resource levels – wind speed/solar irradiation
  • Proximity to dwellings and other constraints
  • Proximity to environmental sites e.g. SSSI, AONB, National Parks
  • Ecology, including potential impact on protected species
  • The ability of the surrounding landscape to absorb the proposal (from an aesthetic viewpoint)
  • Road access
  • Proximity to airports and telecommunications infrastructure (for wind sites)
  • Grid connectivity

Using the information you provide us with, our research on your site (using Geographical Information Systems – GIS), and a site visit, we are able to let you know if your site is suitable for development within a very short space of time.

If the conclusion is positive we will then ask you sign exclusivity and option agreements before we initiate the required detailed reports to support the planning application. These include a landscape and visual impact assessment, ecological report, archaeology report, socio-economic impact report, hydrology and a ground conditions report. In addition, wind sites would require a noise assessment and aviation and communications reports.

We cover up to £1,000 of your legal fees to ensure that you are soundly advised throughout the option and lease agreement process.

In parallel, we will undertake community consultation and organise the pre-planning and pre-grid connection meetings.

When the above are in place, we will proceed with the full project phase which covers the planning application and construction planning.

Once planning consent is agreed we will continue with the site works, culminating with the fitting, commissioning and installation of the wind turbines or solar PV generation equipment.


The income we pay to landowners is based on a percentage of the gross revenue generated (for wind sites), or a rent value per acre (for solar sites), and is paid quarterly, in arrears. For more information, complete the appropriate enquiry form below.
Everything is then taken care of for you; Livos Energy will handle the operation and maintenance of the equipment throughout its operational life of up to 30 years and you receive the annual payments.


The total time line from receiving your signed option agreement documents to the site being operational is anything from 6 months to 2½ years. This varies from site to site dependent on individual circumstances and the technology used (wind projects will be at the longer end of the timescale; solar projects can gain planning approval in as little as 6 months).


If you are a landowner interested in finding out more about generating income from wind turbines or solar PV, please call 08000 78 79 62 or complete the enquiry form.

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