Landowners: How to harvest wind and solar energy for your Farm

renewable-energyIn these times of low interest rates, an attractive and secure additional income can be a boon.

One option for farmers and landowners to consider is to supplement and diversify their income by renting out a portion of their land for use as a solar or wind power farm in return for an income which is long term and secure.

Livos Energy is a leading renewable energy project developer working with well established and proven wind and solar technology.  We are continually looking for new sites where we can work directly with landowners to make better use of their land resource.

Public support is growing for renewable energy with an increasing recognition of its wider benefit and impact on climate change, as well as a way of creating an alternative energy supply to balance the UK’s high dependence on fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources.

The benefits to farmers and landowners are even greater, providing them with an additional source of long term income whilst retaining ownership of their land, all with minimal effort and limited risks.

Landowners need no funds of their own to investigate or implement a renewable energy project.  Moreover, when a project is given the go-ahead and operational, they are paid a regular income for supplying the land on which the renewable project is built.

The income received by landowners is secure income, typically for a minimum period of 20 years.  With interest rates likely to remain low relative to historical norms, this income can be used to supplement a pension or annuity for many farmers.    The income is very secure as it is underpinned by Government schemes and tariffs designed to encourage small scale renewable energy generation.

Income paid to landowners is based on the type of renewable energy used.   For wind sites, the income is a percentage of the gross revenue generated.  For solar sites, the landowner is paid a rent value per acre which is agreed prior to the start of the project.

Livos manages the process from start to finish and there are no costs to the farmer or landowner.  Livos Energy will carry out an initial assessment of the land offered, providing early feedback of its suitability.   It will then manage the planning and construction process, all at no cost to the landowner.  Livos Energy will contribute £ 1,000 towards independent legal fees.

communityAlongside managing all planning and technical issues, Livos Energy prioritises and manages engagement with the local community and local councils.  Our approach is to be open and honest and engage very early on to ensure people are fully informed and there is an opportunity for them to ask questions.

The land may also continue to be used for farming purposes, such as sheep grazing or free range chicken. We also look to encourage biodiversity on our sites with the planting of wildflowers, clover and grasses.

From the time of signing an option agreement, through obtaining planning consent, to completion can be as little as eight months in the case of solar farms.

Livos Energy not only gives you a quick answer after initial tests to see if your land is suitable, but also only proceeds with applications that have a high chance of success, so no-one’s time is wasted.

If you are a landowner interested in finding out more about generating income from wind and solar energy, please call 08000 78 79 62 or complete the enquiry form.

To find out more about whether your land is suitable for wind energy visit: Wind FAQ

To find out more about whether your land is suitable for solar energy visit: Solar PV FAQ

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