Land owners – Wind: FAQ

What funds do I need?

None – Livos Energy will fund the planning application and full project costs. We’ll also pay legal fees up to £1,000. In our experience, it is more time efficient to use lawyers with renewable energy experience. We will put you in contact with a number of solicitors who are experts in the renewable development field.

Can I still farm my land?

Yes. The land required for the wind site will include the turbine tower (approx. 4m diameter), 4m wide crushed aggregate access track from the road to the turbine – using existing tracks wherever possible, and a hard standing area for a crane (for maintenance) – typically 32m x 35m. Livos Energy will fence off any additional land where required during the construction phase, otherwise your remaining land can be used as before.

How long does it take?

The normal timescale is around 1 – 2½ years in total from first enquiry to turbine commissioning.

How high are the turbines?

A typical 2.5MW turbine is around 100-125m to blade tip. The specific turbine chosen for the site will depend on the wind resource, radar constraints and local planning guidelines.

What are the requirements for road access?

Whilst the turbines are delivered to site in sections, the longest loads (for shipment of the blades) are of the order of 40m or so (including the truck and trailer). Hence there is a requirement for space for turning and avoidance of sharp bends on approach roads, unless owned by the landowner. Your control of, or ability to help us gain access to, any affected land is therefore critical to the project progressing.

A desktop study is usually sufficient for assessing if road access is adequate, but a Livos Energy engineer will inspect the roads if there is any doubt. Access roads follow existing tracks where possible in order to minimise disruption. Many landowners consider access improvements suitable for large vehicles (at no cost to you) as an additional benefit of developing a site.

What if I only rent the land?

We will then need to speak to the landowner to ensure lease terms are swiftly agreed by both parties.

Can I get my electricity from the turbine(s)?

Sometimes but the costs are normally prohibitive unless the site has a significant energy requirement i.e. for warehouse facilities, dairy farms, chicken units, grain drying, etc.

What are the chances of my site obtaining planning permission?

An assessment of the chances of success will be provided by our experienced in-house professional planning staff once we have carried out the initial desk-based and other assessments. We will not progress sites unless they have a good likelihood of gaining planning permission.

What happens at the end of the working life of the turbine(s)?

We decommission turbine(s) at the end of its/their life. We may also look to renegotiate a deal with the landowner for a new lease and to fit new equipment.